Custom home builder tips: Trends in custom homes for 2017

By Fifty @ Feb 17, 2017

What trends can you expect to see from the custom home builder in the coming year? Fashion and trends affect every industry, and home-building is no exception. Here are some of the trends you’ll likely see in the custom home builder category, both in new houses already on the market and those that will be completed in 2017.

One of the most visually striking trends from a custom home builder is the integration of outdoors and indoors. Sometimes, it’s hard to draw the line between them. This trend includes porches that not only provide protection against bad weather but include also larger windows and more open interior spaces. Large door panels that open upward like a garage door or slide into the walls are becoming more affordable and prevalent.

Natural light

This trend is linked to a greater emphasis on natural light indoors. Large windows, open spaces and surfaces help distribute natural light. Using more natural light indoors has significant cost-savings and environmental benefits for homeowners, as well. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that electric lighting consumes more than 15 percent of all electricity generated in the country. Meanwhile, the U.S. Green Building Council reports that properly planned windows and skylights can reduce lighting consumption from 50 to 80 percent.

Focusing on natural lighting will help homeowners save substantially on their power bills, and it will help reduce the nation’s energy consumption.

In the kitchen

Kitchens have become the focal point for innovative, beautiful and functional design for the custom home builder. There’s no sign that this trend will change. Natural tile and stone continue to be popular floor materials. White or light-colored ceramic and porcelain are predicted to become more popular, as well.

Kitchen cabinetry represents the element in which beauty and functionality come together. Cabinets set Rainey Homes apart as a custom home builder. They make it easy to keep things organized and ensure items are within easy reach but out of the way. Cabinets also look beautiful.

Hardwood doors in medium and light finishes are predicted to be popular in 2017, but there will also be many darker browns. Stone such as granite, quartz, marble, slate and soapstone will continue to be popular for countertops. These materials also are functional because they’re resistant to wear and scratches. You can put a hot pan on a stone surface without worrying about damaging it.

Under-mount sinks are also attractive and practical. They make it easier to keep counters clean. The personal touch is important in any custom built home. When talking with a custom home builder, ask about matching the counter to your height so you don’t have to bend when cooking or cleaning.

Getting greener

Homeowners understand the benefits of energy efficiency and green building practices. Better design of walls, windows, roofs and insulation by the custom home builder leads to lower energy consumption and lower costs for the owner.

Drought is a concern for everyone who lives in Utah. In addition to installing low-flow water fixtures in their homes, many homeowners are looking to install rain-harvesting features. These include gutters and downspouts that direct rainwater to barrels and other containers for use on gardens and lawns in dry periods.

Greater use of recycled materials also reduces the environmental impact of the custom built home and can also reduce the cost of building. One trend that is building is reclaimed wood floors. These floor coverings can be recovered from older homes and other buildings. They wear well and add charm and style to homes. When a builder chooses building materials and finishes based on safety, energy efficiency and green building practices, it leads to a more comfortable house with lower maintenance costs.

As the premier custom home builder in North Salt Lake Utah, Rainey Homes is always happy to talk with you about what you want to make your next house your home.