Ready for s'more?

By Fifty @ Sep 9, 2016

You’re settled into your Rainey dream house, the kids are happily enrolled in school and—take a deep breath—you finally have the time to take in this new place you’re calling home.

Let the fun begin!

Autumn is right around the corner, and along with it are great opportunities to enjoy all Utah offers. Here are a few activities you’ll want to work into your schedule:

  • Visit one of the farmers’ markets throughout the region. Although you might have moved in too late to plant your own garden (or simply don’t have the interest), you can still tap into the bountiful harvest from the state’s agricultural community. If you’re really ambitious, get your family to help you preserve some of your great finds, such as those heirloom tomatoes! Consider creating a planter of fall blooms to spruce up your curb appeal, too.
  • Head for Central Utah Gardens between noon and 6 p.m. Oct. 29 for its annual Pumpkin Walk. Admission is free, and there’s so much more than just carved jack-o-lanterns waiting for you. If you’re into award-winning pumpkin carvings, you might want to enter your own creation in the event’s annual competition. Go to for more details.
  • Feel like sticking around home? Move the action outdoors to your backyard fire pit! There’s something soul-stirring about spending time around a warm campfire under a starry sky. Make it even sweeter with this great recipe for the ultimate s’mores!

There’s so much more to explore as summer gives way to fall. That’s just the beginning, as ski season won’t be far behind. Most of all, use the time to enjoy the family moments Rainey Homes hopes to nurture in every house it builds.