Make your house a home

By Fifty @ Mar 24, 2016

You’re moving into the house that you’ve dreamed about for as long as you can remember. Yet there’s something foreign about what is waiting behind the red front door.

Everything is exactly as you planned it. You’ve worked hand in hand with reputable builders such as Rainey Homes. But it’s not “home” yet.

So how do you bring that lived-in feel to a house that only months ago was an architect’s sketch? It will take time, but there are a few moves you can make right now, no pun intended, to ease it along.

For starters, begin unpacking your go-to spots first. Most of us naturally gravitate to major rooms, but try starting instead with closets. Give family members a place to hang their coats and a clear path to their clothes when it’s time to go to work.

Closets are also a great place to secure purses, keys and other small items that easily could get lost in the shuffle.

Take the same approach to unloading your kitchen basics. Unpacking the kitchen is a necessity if you want to take the next step toward normalcy. Instead of heading for the nearest drive-through, cook up a family favorite and enjoy it together around the table.

Take a break to reconnect. Numerous studies point out the benefits of sharing a meal. And the familiar smell of a favorite dish can only help, too.

When it comes to focusing on rooms, head first to the kids’ bedrooms. Create a familiar haven, a place where they can arrange favorite toys, hang a poster and just chill.

Keep in mind that this is a new home, and you’re probably going to play a little with the furniture and décor making the move with you. Instead of immediately hanging art, set it out around the house and lean it against the walls while you get a feel for the new vibe.

Give the house a chance to talk to you. With the necessities in place, clothes in the closet, pots in the cupboard and towels in the bathroom, you can give yourself space to decide if the floral loveseat belongs in the sitting room or in your massive master bedroom.

In time, you’ll be home, comfortable in your new surroundings, realizing that dreams do come true.