Happy holidays!

By Fifty @ Oct 19, 2016

It’s starting, you know. It began when you put that jack-o’-lantern on your front porch, and it’s going to start speeding up from there. Happy holidays!

C’mon, that’s not such a bad thing. Is this the first Thanksgiving you’ll spend in your new Rainey home? Imagine preparing a feast in your new gourmet kitchen.

If you start now, imagine the holiday get-togethers you can plan. You might invite old neighbors to raise a glass to the coming year.

Here are a few tips to keep sane during the coming weeks:

  • Recycle. If you don’t carve your pumpkins, you can use them again at Thanksgiving. Surround them with ears of Indian corn, add some colorful leaves and let them anchor your holiday décor. And if you later puree them, you’ll have the makings of a Christmas pumpkin pie in your freezer.
  • Invest in some good doormats. That’s just one of many steps you can take to prepare your home for a sudden rush of visitors. Stow some extra rolls of toilet paper in the linen closet. Do the same in the pantry. Stock up on guest towels, cookie platters and the necessary dinnerware for a holiday buffet.
  • Most importantly, plan ahead so you can enjoy the moment with your guests. A little holiday music playing through the home entertainment system will set the mood. A crackling fire warms the heart. And how about turning the buffet into a potluck? Ask your guests to bring their favorite dish to pass around. It will leave you with time to put finishing touches on your holiday décor and to start making plans for next year’s festivities.