Keep your cool

By Fifty @ Jul 14, 2016

Summer is reaching its peak, and you’re probably reaching for the thermostat without thinking each morning. You dread the dragon that will be unleashed when the day hits high noon.

How did we ever live through this heat without air-conditioning? It might pay to remember those times, especially if you can use a few of those tricks of yore to lower your energy bills. See if these tried-and-true moves work for you:

  • Set your ceiling fans to run counter-clockwise. This keeps cooler air circulating through the room. If you use table fans, make sure they’re pointed at you. They don’t cool air; they cool YOU through evaporation.
  • Turn off the lights. Light bulbs are like little furnaces. While you’re at it, you can save chores such as laundry, cooking and other heat-producing efforts for the cooler part of the day.
  • Pull the curtains shut during the day. This blocks hot air from coming through the window glass. At night, open the windows and let the cooler breeze finish the job.
  • If you’ve put off insulating your attic, get it done. An R-value of 30 to 40 will greatly affect how cool your home stays in the summer and how warm it is in the winter.

If all else fails, turn on the air-conditioner. It’s there for a reason. Just make sure the reason isn’t habit!