Why work with a custom home builder?

By Fifty @ Jul 29, 2016

Real estate in Bountiful, Utah, is some of the most beautiful and desirable in the U.S., and its pool of custom home builder expertise is among the most innovative. So why should you turn to a custom home builder as you plan your new home?

Building your own custom home can be the most exciting and rewarding adventure you ever undertake. Imagine creating a home that suits your own individual lifestyle, needs and desires, and that matches your taste in style, color and fashion. Then imagine a quality and professional custom home builder turning it into reality with quality that will last.

Choose the right real estate

It’s something you’ve heard many times: location, location, location. The perfect home starts with the right location. Real estate is the one thing about a custom home you cannot change.

Consider your needs as you visit with your custom home builder. If you have a young family, for example, you will probably want to be near schools, recreational activities and shopping. If you commute to work daily, you’ll want to keep an eye out for real estate near public transportation systems.

Check to see whether there are any local or neighborhood restrictions on home design. In many newer communities, new homes must fit into an overall design or look. A custom home builder will be able to help you navigate any existing rules on construction.

Even if you want the kind of home that’s very private and situated away from neighbors, or one that features an unobstructed view, consider whether the lot is serviced by electricity, water, sewer, telephone and Internet connections. If not, you might face a high price for investing in these services.

Before you build on remote real estate, you might also have to pay for environmental evaluation or rezoning fees. Consider the natural lay of the land, as well. If you’re thinking of a lot with many trees, you can incorporate them into the landscape design, saving the cost of clearing them.

Make a budget

To avoid nasty surprises after construction is finished, make a budget beforehand. Consider how much money you have and how much you want to borrow, and talk to your architect and custom home builder, setting out the design, features, schedule and costs. Remember that changes to the design or features added after construction begins usually cost more.

Green building can save you money

Going green isn’t just about being trendy or nature-friendly. Green home-building practices don’t usually cost more than traditional approaches, and environmentally friendly choices reduce energy consumption and improve indoor air quality. Such practices include:

  • placing windows to capture maximum daylight
  • installing quality insulation in ceilings and around windows
  • employing efficient heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
  • upgrading to low-flow toilets, faucets and shower heads,as well as low-emitting paint, caulk, sealers and flooring that are energy-efficient
  • using recycled materials in broadloom, siding and driveways.

Choose a floor plan that suits you

The questions you’ll want to discuss with your custom home builder are numerous: How big is your family? How many vehicles do you need? What about space for sports equipment or even a home gym? Do you like to cook? Do you often entertain overnight guests?

With a budget and real estate in mind, you can choose a design for your home that meets your needs, including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, living and storage space. Beyond the floor plan, a color and design scheme that you love will make activities such as cooking that much more enjoyable.

You can adapt a preset floor plan to take advantage of your lot’s topography, capitalizing on the views and other natural beauty.

Work with a quality builder

Creating your dream home requires planning as well as dreaming, plus a quality custom home builder who pays attention to detail and cares about quality. Contact us at Rainey Homes to make the best of your real estate in Bountiful Utah.