Signs of summer

By Fifty @ May 26, 2016

The calendar tells us summer’s near, but there are a few more reliable signs above and beyond the traditional robin.

Let us know if you’ve seen these tried-and-true indicators. And if the mood strikes, jump in yourself and enjoy. We’ve waited too long to let this moment pass without celebration!

  • Laundry is on the line. Although you might think of clotheslines and clothespins as museum pieces, there’s nothing as fresh and naturally sanitized as cool linen sheets brought in from outdoors. As for energy efficiency, it’s the original solar power. But a word of warning: It is forbidden in certain communities, so check with your neighborhood association before investing in rope and pins.
  • Tongues are stained purple. Or red, or orange. No matter the color, you know they’ve come in contact with a Popsicle. Summer preparation lists say to clear out your freezer for Popsicles. Dating back to 1905, when an 11-year-old boy left his soda on the porch and it froze around the stirring stick, Popsicles are still a favorite way to beat the heat. And the most popular flavor? Cherry, of course!
  • Tulips are in bloom. If you’ve ever wondered how red tulips came to symbolize true love, you’ll be interested to know the tradition dates back to a Turkish prince who, after discovering the maiden he loved had died, rode his horse over a cliff. Legend says a scarlet tulip rose from each drop of blood.
  • Families spend Sunday afternoon dreamily driving by beautiful new Rainey homes. Was that you passing by? Stop in when you’re ready to make the move and we can talk. In the meantime, enjoy your summer!